Who should you hire with so many vendors out there?

Oh wedding planning, it can be super stressful. Wedding planning is complicated and confusing, and prices are all over the map for every vendor it seems. Many of my couples still have no idea how much a DJ costs. But like anything else you buy, you probably don't want to choose a vendor just based on price alone. Remember the old adage "you get what you pay for". The cheaper guys usually charge less for a reason and the more expensive DJs charge more for a reason.

Let's use a little comparison here as an example. Say you go to the store to buy some cheese for a cheese plate you are sharing for a cocktail party.. and it's kinda the main food there besides a few other hors d'oeuvres. This isn't any old party though, it's your mom's 60th you're hosting and you've got some serious foodies in attendance. Are you gonna go with the cheapest non aged cheddar you can find? Or are you going to look for a more original or extensively aged specialty cheddar, even though it's a little more expensive? I mean, it might be even 30%-50% more expensive but I betcha it's amazing and your mom's friends will love it (if they are into cheese, of course). 

The same sort of thing typically goes for DJs (and other wedding vendors). The less expensive may not have the same expertise, experience, or the finesse to pull off the kind of party/event you want. The more expensive are usually in higher demand and have more expertise in a certain area. Are you looking for something a little more hip and stylish but all photos of the vendor's event lighting looks like it's straight out of Miami Vice (don't get me wrong, maybe you have a retro theme but hopefully you get my point, lol). So look at their photos, pay attention to their website and social messaging, and most of all ask questions! It's good to know which ones to ask, so here's a great place to start and a few things to consider.

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