Andrew and Michael's Wedding, Equality for All

I had the pleasure of DJing Andrew and Michael's "Windy City Italian vs. Georgia Mountain Heritage" wedding celebration over the weekend.

Fittingly enough it was gay Pride weekend in Atlanta, in the wake of gay marriage quickly becoming a reality in the majority of states. If you didn't already know, gay marriage is now recognized in North Carolina, and many other states have pending appeals/lawsuits against the same-sex marriage ban. Read article here. It's pretty exciting to be a part of the change as more and more states recognize same-sex marriage.

While gay weddings aren't really a new thing, what seemed a little uncommon was that this marriage took place at a church (my couple went to DC weeks earlier to make it legal). What struck me most was the community these two classy gentlemen have become a part of, and how accepting and supportive everyone in their parish is. It was the first gay wedding to ever take place at the church.

I think I'm sometimes surprised at how far we've come in certain communities, perhaps it's because Georgia isn't exactly known for it's liberal ways. Once you step a few miles outside Atlanta's city limits it's a bit of a different story- racism, sexism, homophobia and other ignorant attitudes are still quite prevalent

Anyway, I was very grateful to be asked to be a part of this lovely event and to be invited into their lives and community for such an important day. While I'm not a religious person, my spiritual practice is an integral part of my life. It's refreshing to see a church so inclusive; whether gay, straight, black, white, young, old, male, female, and maybe even rich, poor are all are treated equally. Being marginalized is the same for everyone, and it never feels good. 

It finally feels like we are making our way out of casual acceptance of human differences into something deeper and it's called humanity. 

I know there will always be opposition and hate where there is love and acceptance, but it's communities such as this that remind you no matter where you come from or your affiliations, there's a kind and loving respect all humans deserve and are fully capable of sharing.

I wish Andrew and Michael all the peace, love, happiness, joy and acceptance in their life together. They deserve it, because all humans do.


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