We play the music that tells the story of your union & heritage. All genres with a heavy tilt towards reworked classics, remixes and other rare edits of your favorites. It’s all about fun and keeping the dance floor packed. We're crate diggers & multicultural weddings are our speciality. We believe in helping you to create an event that is authentically you.

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Hi, I'm Sloan! I'm a full time wedding and special events DJ based in Atlanta, Ga. I live with my partner and our two dogs. We love to laugh as much as possible, travel, cook, make music and art. 

I grew up with old school classics, Motown, R&B, pop, 80s & 90s music. My Dad was obsessed with vinyl and had a huge collection he would entertain friends with EVERY weekend. Guess you could say that's where I got it?!

I began DJing in 2006 and have a degree in audio engineering (and philosophy..and psychology). I have DJ'd for W Hotels, MGM Resorts and have done hundreds of weddings, private and corporate events. I got into weddings after attending so many where I saw my friends and family deserved a lot better with their music & entertainment. I kept hearing the same old songs at every wedding & event, and the DJs weren't exactly club level caliber. They didn't read the room and the the music didn't really match or represent the couple or the diverse crowd. And there was nothing very special or sophisticated about it.

Cut to now. I love helping people tell THEIR story through the power of music. Seeing so many happy faces on a dance floor packed with so many different ages, tastes, cultures & backgrounds is something I'll never get enough of. They need the music, I need the music. Everyone wins. Read more about my story in this interview with Voyage Magazine here. 

I can't wait to hear all about you and yours! Please feel free to reach out directly! Read more about my story in this interview with Voyage Magazine here.