If you found me, you might be looking for high level of customization and detail. You are discerning and need music to match your tastes and crowd no matter what genre. You want some originality and you want your wedding to stand out in your guests' minds. Most of all, you want that ear to ear grin for days and weeks after your wedding remembering how amazing it all was. 

My couples hire me because I can play to a very diverse and hard to please crowd.  That means young and old and from all backgrounds, countries and ethnicities.

Couples also hire me because I have the ability to mix any genre and keep a packed dance floor.  I've DJ'd American, Indian, Persian, Orthodox Jewish, West African, Latin American, Balkan and Korean ceremonies and receptions to name a few. Your customized music starts from pre-ceremony all the way until the last dance, everything is very carefully chosen and thoughtfully mixed.

If you want someone who cares about you as a couple and you need a DJ who can keep your pickiest hipster to your oldest relatives dancing, you've absolutely come the right place. My #1 goal is rocking your wedding so it's one of the best days (and parties) of your life! 

See photos and videos just below and you'll see what I mean! For most up to date videos and content please follow me on instagram  and facebook at the end of the page.